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Bachata is a dance and a style of music that originated in the rural areas of the Dominican Republic. Bachata has become more and more popular over the years bachata has grown into many different styles across the world.
I have been dancing bachata for quite a few years, after learning the basics of bachata realised i wanted to learn more. I took bachata lessons at different dance schools and found many different styles of teaching as well as types of bachata. Coincidently found a teacher that specialised in Dominican bachata, i have danced Dominican bachata for a few years now and want to tell you about  the arrogance, the heartbreak and sadness as well as the passion that can be brought out in the dance.

The original name for bachata is 'Amargue' which means i am told 'Bitterness'.

A question I hear a lot is what's the difference between the bachata styles?. On the following pages I shall try to explain the different styles of bachata that have evolved.  What makes them different as well as how you can use all three styles together and create your own style of bachata.

''Remember bringing passion into your dance makes the dance beautiful''

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