Dominican - bachata

Dominican bachata is true bachata from the roots its my favourite, together with freestyle bachata and a bit of passion it looks and feel's great.

Dominican bachata originated in the shanty towns and rural areas of Dominican republic, it was not danced in other area's as it was considered low class.
Bachata started to become more popular in the early 80's mainly because a change of percussion instruments that made it sound more modern, the 90's brought on a further change with the introduction of electric guitars and then just after the millennium came the bachata band Aventura which brought bachata right  across the globe.

Dominican bachata is danced with a lot of tension, the best way to explain the tension between the dancers is to imagine it as a pulling and pushing movement to the music, a combination of steps that both dancers do to nearly every beat in the song and very few turns.
The music tells a story and the dancer's portray this in the dance, you can see in there body movements that they are showing anger or love for each other, you will see the girl is ignoring her partner and he is being arrogant to her. As the music changes you can see that the dancers also change.

When starting to learn Dominicans bachata you will be mainly busy with the steps and trying to get a grip on the movements, but as you improve and listen to a lot of bachata music you will find yourself slipping into the music and  into a sort of trans where you are only busy with your partner and the rest of the world doesn't seem to exist.

An excellent clip of Dominicans Bachata

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Dance bachata Remember bringing passion into your dance makes the dance beautiful