European - Bachata

European bachata as the name states evolved in Europe, since Dominicans bachata came to Europe it has taken on many styles, you hear names like Bachatango, sensual bachata, Rueda de bachata etc,

In most parts of Europe where salsa is prominent and dance schools have introduced Bachata you will notice that quite a few dance teacher's have taken the timing and basic bachata steps and incorporated  salsa turns and routines into the dance which has given Bachata a new twist.

When you listen to modern Bachata you can hear these elements, some songs have a tango, reggaeton beat or break in the music, which can all be used to bring your own interpretation into the dance.

This is not always welcomed to the Dominican dancers of bachata, if you search on YouTube for bachata and read the comments left by viewers you will notice a lot of people have there own idea's of how bachata should be danced, but if you listen to the music and dance to the music you will feel the new rhythms and will want to dance to what you feel.

I find too many dance schools spend a lot of time on routines and not enough time on teaching students passion, and tension that is required to dance bachata correctly.

Most dance styles need tension for the leader to control the follower but in bachata it is so important even when dancing the European versions.

European bachata can be a lot of fun, it can be very sexy,  by all means flirt with you partner while dancing but don't forget the arrogance and sadness that can be heard in the music.

Dancing European bachata should not be just about going through a routine.

Here is a fine clip of European bachata in action



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Dance bachata Remember bringing passion into your dance makes the dance beautiful