Freestyle bachata

The different ways of holding hands while dancing bachata can determine the result, in Dominican bachata the man and partner hold hands with palms together and he would push and pull her into movements, but in freestyle bachata only there fingers would be making contact this allows the follower to do there own thing! not to lead but to dance independently from each other, the leader can decide to keep contact with both hands or just one hand depending on the piece of bachata music that is being played.

Freestyle bachata would consist of loose steps, steps that the leader would do, can differ from the follower the follower can decide for herself which steps she does and even take the lead from the man until he decides to take the lead again.

Freestyle bachata is mostly danced to faster music or at a break in the music. There are some really nice examples of this seen on YouTube.

This clip is from an old Dominican Republic TV show.


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