My bachata experiences

I started dancing bachata a few year's after I started dancing salsa mainly because when out a dancing in Latin clubs they don't just play salsa unless stated 'Strictly salsa' but play all types of Latin music.

I will never forget the first time I was asked to dance bachata, I had just danced to a few salsa songs and was just about to sit down when a girl approached me and said will you dance with me, I replied with 'sorry I cannot dance bachata' she said 'of course you can, it's easy' I said I really cannot dance bachata but gave it a try anyway, I had a struggle with my feet, I couldn't get out of that salsa step and when we had finished she said strange you cannot dance bachata.

Shortly after I started taking lessons at 'Swing Latino' Amsterdam, at first it was not so easy but I kept on trying and found after a few classes that I was improving the classes eventually stopped after three blocks mainly because not enough people came to the class. I then started dancing bachata more and more when out to parties or dances arranged by the dance schools.

After moving house I found a dance school in Haarlem Holland where they where starting up bachata courses here I still dance to this day, Club Fiera run by Nucita Fiera a great Dominicans bachata dancer and teacher, from her I learned passion and Dominican bachata how it's supposed to be danced, she incorporates all styles of bachata and taught me not only to dance bachata but to dance with a passion and how to mix the styles as well as let the music lead me instead of just following routines.

I found a guy on YouTube who calls himself 'TSpoonER' from the USA  AKA Troy and his wife Jorjet WOW, they dance really good bachata and they are so relaxed, at the bottom of this page I have a clip from there YouTube page.

On the internet you can find a huge amount of information over bachata most of it is advertisements and mainly someone trying to make money from DVD's or add banner's trying to get clicks, that's one of the reasons for this site, if I do have a link to another site it will definitely one worth checking out.

Dance bachata Remember bringing passion into your dance makes the dance beautiful