Bachata cafe – Haarlem train station – perron 3a Wachtkamer der 2e klasse

The second class waiting room, on platform 3a in Haarlem train station, is famous for it’s beautiful old wooden interior. A big room, and a high ceiling.

Salsamotion have held their dance classes there for quite a while now. For the last two years they have held a two day bachata party, full of workshops on the beach, at Zandvoort aan Zee. With a line up of famous bachata dancers from around the world.

The ‘Bachata cafe’ seemed to me as a really good idea, so myself and my dancing partner went to the first bachata cafe party, held on platform three of the train station.

We arrived early on our first visit and found it to be very quiet. Only five couples done the workshop which was for beginners. Later began the party and even though they had good music with now and then a few salsa numbers i was suprized as to how few people actually came.

Friday 24th we came again to the bachata cafe on platform three, this time we came for the party so arrived at about 22:00 and again to my suprize, very few people. I counted 30 dancers. DJ Andres was playing, i found that he plays a lot of slow bachata, and this time a lot more salsa than at the first bachata cafe.

So all you bachata dancers keep an eye out for the next bachata cafe in Haarlem train station.
It’s worth a visit.

Bacardi cola cost me 5 euro – Party was free. – I think the workshop cost: 5 euro

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