Bachata Exotica – Club Nouvelle Amstelveen – 17-02-2012

Found this party on Pedro’s Uitgaan Agenda on my site and decided to go. We tried our best to get there before 22:00 as Ladies had free entrance before that time. In the area they had road works, which brought us miles in the wrong direction. Arrived at 22:15 and DJ El Che was playing some great music, so we got straight onto the dance floor The band who was playing “Nali y Duansito con su” a Bachata band where just briliant.

Before we left home I typed their name into YouTube to see how they sounded. I have to say they where above expectations. The club usually hlds Carribean nights or over 25’s party’s disco, oldies etc. But tonight it was Bachata night.

I noticed a lot of people from different dance schools, we met people from salsamotion, club fiera, SuzQ,  and Bachata Lounge.  We danced for about 2,5 hours and had a great time. Nw and again the DJ played Salsa, Merengue and a few other Latin classics.

The floor had a few broken or frayed corners. Evn though it was warm they had quite a good ventilation through the room. It got pretty busy later through the night. We left early and on our way out we met Rolf coming in and in the carpark we met Sascha. Should have stayed longer…

Entrance: €10:00
90% Bachata
10% Mix
Hosted by: Exotic Events
Location: Club Nouvelle
DJ: El Che
Band: Nali y Duansito con su

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