Danscentrum De Bruijn-Bonel – Alkmaar – 6 april 2013

Dance Center De Bruijn-Bonel in Alkmaar, haven’t been to this place in a long while. Nice floor, good bar, and a good air conditioning system. I usually say about all the locations that I visit that we had fun, or danced for hours. But that’s because we do dance for hours and have fun. Every man to his own as one might say. Salsa, Bachata, and other south American rhythms just make me want to dance, and the more I dance, the more I get the feeling that I want to dance again the next day. I used to dance 5 hours a day and 6 days a week for nearly 4 years long, and it was easy. So yeah we danced for hours and listening to the music played by DJ Cesario is always good. They had a mambo workshop by Mambo Mike and later his show team done a demo, the M.E.G. Showteam 6 female and 3 male dancers.

Below I have a clip of the show.


DJ: Dj Cesario

Show: M.E.G. Showteam

Workshop: Mambo on 2 by Mambo Mike

Location: Danscentrum De Bruijn-Bonel – Alkmaar

Party: 22:15 – 01:30

Entrance: €8,00

M.E.G. Showteam
M.E.G Show team Dansschool Sizzling Salsa Danscentrum De Bruin-Bonel. Mambo mike’s, show team




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