Friday night out danscentrum Luut Griffioen – Castricum – Friday night out, February 28 2010

The location was danscentrum Luut Griffioen Dorpstraat 72 in Castricum.

We had no bachata classes this Friday night so we decided to just lok up the agenda on and pick some where close to home for an evening out dancing.
We phoned the location to check if the agenda was correct, we got the owner on the line and he told us that the dancing started at 22:30 but he expects it to be quiet as the Dutch where skating in the Olyimpic games and everyone will be home to watch it.

We arrived at 22:45 and the last dance class for that evening was just finishing. The bar area was open and two couples where dancing, pretty quiet, there where two ladies at the bar and two couples sitting at tables.
danscentrum Luut Griffioen is a dance school that teaches everything from Ballroom to Tango and Salsa to Zumba, there was a relaxed atmosphere and ofcourse because it was quiet lots of room to dance. The DJ was also the owner of the school who asked the guests one by one for requests which i found was a nice touch.

Remember it is a dance school so the Friday night is just free dancing after the classes, we felt welcome so im sure you would to.

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