Friday night out @ Kokonoches April 4 2010

We finished our dance class in Amsterdam and drove out to Haarlem, a workshop had just finished and it was open to the public. We just came in when a zouk song was playing the floor was empty except for the one couple dancing. Got a drink and spoke to a few of the locals, the next song was bachata so off we went, the DJ played a few bachata songs and the floor was full of bachata dancers. The music was a good variation of salsa, bachata, and merengue, The DJ didn’t play anymore zouk ;-( but we had fun.

Later on in the evening around 24:00 the DJ seems to play more and more reggeaton. I find that more of the local dancers stay away on these evenings. More none dancers arrive who walk around the floor with a glass in there hand, which is time for us to leave.
Kokonoches is a small nice Cuban interior bar in Haarlem with a nice atmospheer, a nice place to dance


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