Grand Café Cinetone – Iboya salsa – Friday night party

Lately I notice that there are less and less salsa parties around the North Holland area’s. We do have a few monthly parties, but as keen dancers we like to dance as much as possible, at least a few times per week. Looking around the net I found a site with a flyer that stated salsa parties in the Grand Café Cinetone, close to Amstel.

We had never been there before so just before leaving we gave them a ring to check. It’s the summer months and most dance schools are on holidays, we find that some dance school internet sites are not updated as they should be. They told us that the party is on but the site has not been updated and the parties have moved from Sunday night to Friday night. Great, we thought, it’s also exciting to go to a new location. Maybe it’s really busy or maybe it’s empty, either way we can dance.

The main roads lead right up to the cafe so it took us only 25 minutes to get there. When we arrived it was really quiet, there was only 3 ladies and no men in sight. Two ladies sat on comfortable chairs and the other at the bar. The DJ was playing merengue. We got a drink and found two nice sued chairs to sit on.

It is a really nice place, the theme of the cafe is of an old movie theater with posters of old famous movie stars. When the first salsa song was being played we got up to dance, we where alone and just enjoyed being able to dance. later on a few more people arrived, in total 6 more people. We found it to be a really nice location, the music was good, lots of salsa and bachata, also some older slow bachata.

For the first few hours when anyone wanted to dance you where basically on your own, what can be a bit nerve raking, but the people where all experienced dancers and had no problem dancing alone.

The dance floor was made from hard linoleum, not the best material for a dance floor but we could dance on it without any problems. It is not a big floor, maybe room for 10 couples.
I ordered a Bacardi cola and a glass of Rose which cost me €10:00 the Bacardi cola cost €6:50.
We found it to be a nice place and will certainly go back again, when leaving the owner told us that it is usually busier than tonight it is because the site had not been updated and the salsa night had been changed from Sunday to Friday.
Before I left home, I had posted the party on Twitter. The next time I will certainly put it in Tip of the Week on and in our Latin Dance agenda on
I think it will be on next Friday night, so we will phone before we go.

Stephen Cassidy,

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