Grand Fiesta Latina – Caférestaurant Koekebier – Alkmaar

Last night we went out to the Grand Fiesta Latina Party in Alkmaar at Caférestaurant Koekebier. Entrance was free, Location was a restaurant / bar. Seeing as the entrance was free and it looked like it was free dancing after the classes, we went anyway. I say this because we really had not expected it to be as good as it was. Usually after a dance class anyone can come along and have a dance,and there are not many people around, most people go home after classes. But this was a full blown party, with two dance halls and two DJ’s.
I heard from our new friend Dennis from RockGym (See last weeks party) that they have been holding salsa parties here since last September, and I have been posting their parties on my Salsa Agenda (See my AGENDA).
The place was packed and just buzzing. We seen a lot of people from Haarlem, Kokonoches, Club Fiera, Salsamotion, RockGym, and the usual crowd from the North Holland area.

We had great fun, lots of bachata, salsa and a separate dance room for Zouk. The Zouk area was not busy at all, we danced a few numbers and got back to the salsa room. The advantage of the Zouk room was that it was nice and cool. The salsa room was packed, the curtains where drawn, probably to help keep the noise level low. I noticed in the Zouk room that they had and DB meter (Decibel counter) on the wall.
The music was played by DJ Billy in the salsa, merengue, bachata room, and DJ Chris in the Zouk room.
This party is held every second Friday of the month. We will definitely be there for the next party.
Bacardi Cola cost: €6.00.
time:21:00 to 01:00
location: Kennemerstraatweg 16 Alkmaar

Stephen Cassidy

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