Kizomba & Bachata Party, Hoofddorp – Noite Kizomba – 3 April 2011

Tonight we went to “Noite Kizomba” a Kizomba & Bachata Party at dance school Marcella van Altena in Hoofddorp.

After being on the beach all afternoon we went first for a meal and then onto the party.
From the afternoon they held Kizomba workshops, the party started around 21:00 and at 21:15 a free Kizomba workshop for beginners.

We arrived pretty late and surprisingly it was not as busy as it usually is, The party was split up into two rooms, the big main room, where Kizomba & Bachata was played by DJ El Che, and the smaller room, where DJ Salsa Loco played. Both excellent DJ’s the music was really good as well as the dancers. I seen a few really good dancers, you know when a crowd starts to gather around a couple dancing and the other dancers stop one by one to watch.

Dancing salsa in the small room was very warm, as most of the people come to dance salsa it would have probably been a better idea to hold the salsa in the big room and Kizomba & Bachata in the smaller room. I heard though that at the last Kizomba & Bachata party the main room was full.

At 24:30 came the show, tonight it was a Bachata Show done by Glen & Khristy. Below you can see the show filmed on my iPone.

Very warm even though it wasn’t a full floor,
Bacardi Cola costs 6 euros,
The demonstration this evening was a Bachata Show from ‘Glen & Khristy’.

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