Kokonoches – Haarlem 26-03-10 (End of block party)

We arrived late, as we were giving a bachata class in Amsterdam, the zouk workshop had just finished and the party had just began. Nucita was doing DJ between the breaks from Miek Miek who plays salsa, bachata and merengue on her saxaphone and has a keyboard what fills in tom toms and other percussion instruments.
She does a really good job and play’s all the top songs what you would expect at a latin party.

Kokonoches is a small latin bar in the center of Haarlem with a really nice latin atmosphere, a nice place to dance, seeing as it’s small it can get really full on the dance floor so dancing small is important.

Most of the people at the Kokonoches parties, take lessons at the location through dance school Club Fiera.
It was a really good night and as usual we danced for hours, after midnight the doors where open for outsiders and it got so busy that the dancing area was too full, so we called it a night and went home for Irish coffee’s.

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