Los Amiguitos – 20 August 2010 – Tuitjehorn aan zee

Tired after working all day, we got into the shower and decided to go out anyway. Put on some music and had a drink, I found myself already getting into the that feeling of, hey i wanna dance.

We looked up our dance agenda on my site dancebachata.nl and seen a party at Los Amiguitos in Tuitjehorn! never heard of Tuitjehorn in my life, Google maps said was in North Holland some where.

Clean clothes, dance shoes ready and off we went. Thank god for the Tom Tom, it eventually got us there with a few detours here and there due to all the new roads or lack of them.

We arrived at 22:50 and the party started at 22:30 so just a good time to arrive. Los Amiguitos is bigger place than i first expected, and in a really small village, it looks a bit out of place. A nice terrace outside, the inside, as well as the outside, reminds me of a beach bar. The party is held twice a month and the theme is Noche Cubana. DJ Clay was playing the music. He done a great job as DJ, he played Bachata, salsa, reggeaton and merengue.

As usual there was a lot more ladies on and around the dance floor than men. You can tell when you come to a new location if they also give dance classes. The variety of people and the style that people dance gives me that impression.
One thing i noticed besides the nice interior, it was very warm there for dancing, after about six numbers i was sweating so much i wish i had brought a change of shirt.

We had fun and danced for a few hours before leaving for our drive back, through the the north Dutch polders.


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