New Year’s party @ Salsaclub Amsterdam Noord – 4 January 2013

If I go out dancing, personally I prefer to go on Friday night’s, Why, well the weekend seems longer after I have been out late on a Friday night dancing. I wake up on a Saturday morning and say to myself, he, heh, “it’s only Saturday and I’m already having fun”.

Last Friday evening, January 4th, I checked my site updates for the Friday night dance agenda as well as other sites such as Latinnet etc but found no party’s within reasonable distance that I knew or thought where good places to go. The Christmas and New year are just behind us and most dance school had party’s early, and during the week, so Friday night was far and near as one might say.

I took another look on Latinnet and found a party from “Salsaclub Amsterdam Noord” the salsa classes are done by Annetje Riel from “Salsa Sirena”. Together with DJ Emilio, DJ Sonja and a small group of really nice people they hold dance classes and parties at “Vereniging Hop Sing” in Amsterdam North. They where holding their New Year’s Party and it had started at 20:00 already, so we go ready and off we went.

Walking in the door I seen quite a lot of people, it was a full blown salsa party with all the trimmings, a really nice location and a good crowd, all up dancing and having fun. I met a lot of old dance partners and friends from dance school’s SuzyQ and Quanpia. (Both of which have stopped giving lessons) We had a great night dancing. DJ Emilio and DJ Sonia where playing good dance music. I notice that they play the songs in groups, say they play 4 or 5 salsa songs then go over to merengue and then bachata etc, some DJ’s just play 2 songs at a time. I find this gives beginners time to get into the rhythm of the music. Also they play slower bachata than some locations, we dance a lot of bachata and noticed this straight away People who do not dance bachata a lot or just at party’s prefer a slower bachata. I just love that fast Dominican bachata.

Overall I think it’s a great location, good music, and the consumption prices where lower than your average prices.One point that I found to watch out for was that the dance floor was linoleum what can be pretty slow. (FYI) You get fast and slow dance floors, a floor made from wood coud be called a fast dance floor.

Party: New Year’s Party – Salsaclub Amsterdam Noord,
Location: Vereniging Hop Sing, MAP or Kometensingel 150 – 1033 BD Amsterdam
Entree: Free of charge,
DJ’s Emilio – Sonia,
Drink prices: Bacardi Cola, Glass White wine €5.50,

Salsaclub Amsterdam Noord hold every Friday free dance evenings from 22:15 till 24:00 (After the classes)
Upcoming party’s via LATINNET

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