Noché Latina – Restaurant Zicht op Zee – Latin Breeze – 25-2-11

It’s Friday night and no responsibility’s. I looked up the dance agenda and found a new location in Zandvoort aan Zee, cut and pasted the address into Google maps and found the location, a really small round looking building, looking out over the sea.

We gave them a call to be sure that they where open before leaving. Dancing was from 21:30 till 01:00 and the entrance was free of charge. Noché Latina is organised by dance school ”Latin Breeze” together with ”Restaurant Zicht op Zee”

On arrival it seemed too small to be a dance location, but once we entered I was surprised, a bit of the tardis effect from the Doctor Who program. We found it to have a really nice atmosphere, a big bar, a nice red sofa at the window, and the tables where situated around the outside of the dance floor. The building ha a round shape, it had big windows, all around and looking out over the sea, some of the windows were open which kept the temperature  of the room nice accompanied by a nice sea breeze.

It had a good crowd of people and the barman was very friendly. The music was being played by DJ Iwan and a guest DJ. We had a great evening and found it to be a nice location for an evening dancing.

At the end of the night we had a short chat with Iwan before leaving.

I have put Noché Latina as ”Tip-Of-The-Week” on my other site
Noche Latina party in Zandvoort aan Zee


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