Rockgym in Zaandam – Saturday night out

Last night after looking up somewhere to go on my Salsa agenda, we decided to go to Rockgym in Zaandam. We have never been there before and seeing as there was not much on in the region we went to Rockgym.

We arrived after 22:00 and the place was empty. Straight away Dennis the owner of Rockgym introduced himself to us. A really down to earth and happy person. He reminded me of my uncle Tom.

Looking around and seeing all the photos hanging on the walls you could see that Dennis has been boxing most of his life. He told me that he bought this club in 1985 what started out as a boxing club but thought he could change it into his other hobby a salsa/latin dance club.

The interior looks like a big front room with sofa’s, a bar, DJ Box and decorated as if it is someones birthday party, with a nice relaxed atmosphere. Dennis knows everybody and talks to all of his guests, he also plays whatever music the customers want to hear.

There where not a lot of people around which I found to be a bit of a shame as it seems like a really nice place. There will be a big salsa party in Rockgym on the 29th of July. We will not be able to go as its my birthday and I have other arrangements already made.

We had fun and danced to lots of Bachata and a few Salsa numbers. Another good point about Rockgym is that the price of the drinks are reasonably priced. During the evening Denis got out on the dance floor with a microphone and sund a salsa version of Daniel from Elton John, he done it really good 😉

We will go back again as we found it be a really friendly location

I do not see much advertizements for the RockGym salsa parties, but I heard from Dennis you can find his parties in the “Pleasure Magazine

Rockgym salsa location

Stephen Cassidy

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