Salsa and Bachata Party Deluxe in Hoofddorp

We usually try to go to the ‘Salsa and Bachata Party Deluxe’ party, when ever we can. Usually we have other responsibilities, but this night we bought the tickets in advance.
At nine o clock the doors opened and it kicked off with two workshops. One salsa workshop for beginners and after a bachata workshop for intermediate level dancers.

The party started prompt at ten o clock, with two dance halls on the premises. One for 100% salsa and the other for 100% bachata. DJ Sigi played the music in the salsa room while DJ D’Jerro played in the bachata room. Both really good Dj’s, the music was just excellent, the way these two DJ;s mix their music it just kept you on the dance floor.

The salsa room got pretty warm, which was a relief when you went into the bachata room, as their it was nice and cool. Well cool compared to the salsa room, in both rooms I noticed that the mirrors where all steamed up.

We know a lot of people at this party as most of them have danced at the dance school we take lessons at, so it’s nice to just watch how everyone is having fun, and have a chit chat now and again.

The drinks can be bought with cash or plastic coins what you can purchase at the entrance, or you can buy and arm band for twenty two euros and drink as much as you want.

At 24:30 the shows started. The ‘Salsa and Bachata Party Deluxe’, organized bij Nucita, from Club Fiera, holds on every party, shows from famous, or  good student groups, who show enthusiasm and have passion in their dance. Tonight we had 1. Fuerza Salsa Show with Marlon Etnel 2, eStilo Dance – salsa 3, Pura Salsa ChaCha.
All the shows where just great.

At about two o clock we had to leave, we could have danced until the end.

Lots of free parking in the area, Bacardi cola costs six euro and red wine cost two euro.


I filmed all the demonstations on my iPhone which can be seen on my YouTube page
Or watch Pura Salsa dancing ChaCha then dubbel click the video and watch the other shows on YouTube.

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