Salsa & Bachata Party Deluxe 18th June 2011 – Osdorp

This Salsa & Bachata Party Deluxe Party was a special edition as it was Nucita, Bripa and Esther’s birthday party. Three in one you might say. Nucita is the organizer of the party, Bripa gives salsa classes at one of her dance schools and Esther does the administration for Club Fiera.

It was not as busy as it used to be at the Salsa & Bachata Party Deluxe parties, but great fun. The salsa room is the big dance floor of a professional dance location ‘Marcella Van Altena’ and the Bachata room is a smaller room also with a good dance floor.

We danced a lot, most of the people at this party dance the whole night long, usually you would stop after about three dances and take a break of one dance and then back onto the floor.

At 12:30 te shows came out. This night they had three shows. The first show was La Diferencia and a great dance show it was. The second was a Bachata Show from Glen and Khristy, Which was I must say as a bachata dancer myself. Just great. Glenn and Khristy hold the title of The Dutch Bachata champions 2011. and the third show was from Ronald en Vivienne then put on a really great dance performance. This was to be their last show together.
I filmed all three shows on my iPhone. The lights where pretty low for filming so I had to edit them a bit and uploaded all to my YouTube account.

All in all it was a really good night out. We danced so much before I knew it it was nearly closing time. On the way home we stopped at a snack bar and bought some food for when we got home. At three o clock in the morning we sat in the garden and had a snack before getting into the shower and washing off all the sweat.

The three show can be seen here:

Ronald en Vivienne
Bachata Show – Glen and Khristy
La Diferencia

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