Salsa & Bachata Party Deluxe @ Marcella van Altena-Hoofddorp

Every 3rd Saturday of the month Club Fiera hold their monthly salsa and bachata party deluxe in Hoofddorp.

We arrived pretty early and it was already busy, there was a salsa workshop ‘Cool moves’ at 21:00 and at 21:45 began the party. Excellent music from top Dj’s, this is a fantastic dance location with a professional dance floor and lighting.
This two room dance school has 100% Salsa and 100% Bachata. The salsa room is the biggest i have seen in a long time. The salsa DJ was DJ Mimo and in the bachata room we had DJ El Che.

On each of the parties they host shows and the shows this evening where the VIP dance team from Vanessa Mambi at 00:30 then directly following where SalsaPunt Sederick & Evie, Sedrick is my favorite salsa dancer/teacher and together with Evie they make a great team. Later on in the evening we had a Merengue Show from sizzeling salsa.
All three shows where very motivational to watch, they all danced really well.

The parties also have a dance-shoe stand with hand made shoes from Ramon Peroti.

I find the bachata room too warm it’s not well ventillated but with a top bachata DJ and a break every two numbers its still a great place to be. The party finished at 03:00. Zouk is not on the agenda (next party 20 March)

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