Salsa & Bachata Party Deluxe – Zaterdag 17 maart 2012

St Patrick’s Day. After living here for 26 years I don’t celebrate St Patrick’s Day as I used to, but going out dancing, for me, is like a party, every time. Is is Saturday day night and time for the Club Fiera’s Salsa & Bachata Party Deluxe party in Hoofddorp.

The location, Party Center Fokker is a great place to hold a salsa party, the atmosphere is just great. They have a good dance floor, good ventilation, a good bar team and nice lighting. There where three shows planned from 01:15 by e-Stilo Dance, Salsa Rica from Belgium and Maud & Soeniel. We didn’t stay to see the shows but the rest of the evening was just great fun.

We met a lot of people from Kokonoches, Salsamotion, SuzyQ, Club Fiera, people like Patrick Mussendijk, Sedrick Short and just people we meet at parties.

I have to hand it to Nucita, as the Salsa & Bachata Party Deluxe event has become a really cool place to be. The 100% Bachata and 100% Salsa party at one location works really well. At this new location the first floor (Best room) is the Bachata room and upstairs they have the Salsa room, which means when the people enter they come firstly into the Bachata room, which

Location: Party Center Fokker
Entrance: €10:00
Party: 21:00 – 03:00
Workshops: 21;15 – 22:00
Bier: €2:00
100% Bachata Room – DJ El Che – Guest DJ Gilly
100% Salsa Room – DJ Richenel
Showtime: 01:30

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