Salsa Café @ clubMariz – Castricum – 26/04/13

We found a new location with nice music and a good dance floor. The location is in a small village in North west of Holland called Castrucum. Most of the people who come to Castricum come for the beach. Club Mariz was originally a ballroom dance school “Danscentrum Luut Griffioen” The new owner Mariska seems like a very nice and happy person. She has the location looking really nice, even with fresh roses on each table. Club Mariz has a wide variety of dance classes that they give, to a wide range of ages. On their agenda they have everything from Zumba to ballroom, and Hip Hop to Tango.

As usual looking for somewhere to go on a Friday night we found Club Mariz, we had been here before when it was  Luut Griffioen, and twice over the last month or so. This week they had a good DJ and the party was held in the bigger room. It has a really good dance floor and nice lighting, with tables and nice seating. We got a drink and and seeing as the music was good got up to dance, we danced 5 dances before taking our first break.

If your looking for a new dance location especially on a Friday night look out for the Club Mariz agenda on

The next party is on: 24/05/13
Location: Dorpsstraat 72 Castricum
Entrance: € 0:00
Time: 21:30 – 01:00
Site: Club Mariz
Drinks: Bacardi Cola & White wine €10:00 (I find this pretty expensive)


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