Salsa Saturday Special Samba de Gafieira & Zouk Edition

We regularly visit Salsa motion’s parties on platform 3 of Haarlem’s Train station. But this night they had a Zouk and Samba de Gafieira night, the Zouk alone was enough to make me want to go. Two rooms one with the usual Salsa, Bachata. And the other room with, as star guests, Anderson & Brenda from Brasil with a Samba de Gafieira workshop.

I have danced Samba de Gafieira under Adillio Porto for a year way back when I started dancing Zouk. I could never get the hang of it and just stopped after a while. So we just came for the party and not the workshop.
Both halls where full of dancers. In the Zouk room I met some friends of mine from SuzyQ. We done a few dances and decided to stay in the Salsa room as it was so warm, you could feel the sweat under your shirt by just entering the room.
DJ Andres has been playing more Bachata the last few months. He has also been doing DJ at Salsa4Fun’s Bachata party, which I missed the first time around. I will also miss the second Bachata party from Salsa4Fun as it’s my birthday on the 27th.

We danced for a few hours and trying to protect my partner and my own ankles from a lot of people taking too big a step seemed to be a challenge. You know, when someone has done a few bachata workshops but still think that they have to take big steps while doing a “palante y patras” When the floor is that busy it’s better to just take small steps, do less big movements and more passion.

Later on Anderson & Brenda done a show, and what a show it was, they danced really well. I filmed it on my iPhone.

(Film coming soon! the format from iPhone 4s taken sideways seems to not be recognized by YouTube)

Stephen Cassidy

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