Salsa Society 7 April 2012

What a great place the Sociëteit “Vereeniging building in Haarlem. Build in 1856 as a meeting place for business men a  sort of gentleman’s club. For Salsa parties I mean. I think this is now the 5th party held by Salsamotion at this location. Every time it seems to get better. The music played by DJ Andres himself was on this night a great mix. He played a lot more Bachata and a nice flow to the sets of each style.

Later on came the Salsa Shows from: Matanza and Fuerza Pro team Both really top professional dance teams. It’s a new and busy locations so if your looking for room arrive on time, as after 23:00 its pretty warm on the floor. I have to say I noticed quite a lot of really good dancers at this party, while taking a break just watching the dancers on the floor is a pleasure in its self.

I filmed both show on my iPhone.


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