Salsamotion Party – Station Haarlem – Perron 3 – 26-02-11

Salsamotion held their last Saturday of the month salsa party on platform 3 in Haarlem this weekend, and Seeing as I had arranged dinner with a good friend of mine, thought it would be a good place to go.

After eating at Rio Negro (Tapas Bar) we headed down to the train station for a few hours dancing. It was quite an amusing evening as she had not danced salsa for at least  three years. I was surprised to see that it was busy again at the Salsamotion party. Last year Salsamotion stopped the parties for a few months. I think it was something to do with plans for the building? but their back doing salsa and bachata parties and worshops. It was the first time in months that i seen it so busy. The old atmosphere was back. We had real good fun. The entrance cost €8 and i think a Barcardi cols cost me €5.

The evening started with a salsa workshop and at 21:45 began the party.

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