Saturday 3 April @ danscentrum Luut Griffioen – Castricum. (Tropical Easter party Happy Time)

We arrived at about 22:00. On this visit they had the bigger room open for the party. With professional lighting and a nice dance floor.

The entrance fee was €6,00 and the bar had very cheap prices. They had a free cloakroom and toilets.

Most of the people where local but i recognized about 6 people from other dance schools one of which was giving the Zouk demonstration. i knew him because we used to dance together at the classes of Adilio Porto for a few years, wow i was really impressed he done a really good demonstration. Together with his partner they done a zouk workshop which i noticed most of the people could follow and it went down well.

Personally i was not hot on the night, my dancing was terrible, i even hit my partner for the first time in her nose with my elbow??? she said it’s ok after all the times i stood on your foot 😉

I have to say danscentrum Luut Griffioen and Happy Time gave a really nice party, lots of variation in music.I counted about 100 people.

The ladies out numbered the men, which left a lot of ladies waiting.

We left around 01:30 the party went on till 03:00. A bit of a downer was that after every salsa song came a merengue or bachata song. Your just getting into it and then the music changes, still lot’s of bachata was played as well as zouk and salsa. The DJ seems to play merengue when he finds too little people on the floor.

Its a nice place and well worth a return visit, next time i hope i’m dancing better…


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