Society Salsa Haarlem May 6th 2012

It was a great night at Society Salsa in Haarlem. The atmosphere was great, the music was great and it’s a pleasure to watch so many good dancers on the floor. I think that DJ Andres played some really cool numbers last night, he played lots of Cuban salsa and a surprising amount of Bachata. We met some people from kokonoches and Club Fiera and of course all the locals from salsamotion.

Society salsa also seems to attract quite a lot of really good dancers. People dress up to dance at Society salsa. With cloakroom, doorman, good bar staff, great music and a good quality dance floor where can you go wrong. One comment from myself, it gets really warm, I do not think the building was set up to handle 300 salsa dancers who dance to nearly all the numbers played, the heat from the room could warm up a full length swimming pool for a week.

They only had one show, 3 ladies from La diferencia, as usual I filmed it on my iPhone.

La Differencia @societysalsa Haarlem

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