SuzyQ – Dances2Love Latin Party 4 June 2011

SuzyQ and Dances2Love, have had parties before, but this party was just great fun. We arrived pretty early, had a chat with the Jan and Mini the owners of the Bonel dance school who give Ballroom classes at the location, and done a few dances. The evening started out quiet, I was thinking all the promotions that I had done was for nothing. But more and more people arrived and it got to be a busy dance floor. Lots of the SuzyQ and Dances2Love crowd where here meaning lots of good dancers on the floor to admire.

DJ Charly just played great music, he had combinations that consisted of Salsa, Bachata lots of Zouk, merengue, Kizombu and a few Antilles numbers.

The location was in the Concordia a nice party centre with nice dance floors. The top floor was pretty warm as the ceiling is lower than normal, so as usual I was just sweating.
We danced for hours, so long that we hadn’t noticed that it was 02:30 and the party is nearly finished.

What a great night. I had sent a few emails to people who I hadn’t seen in year’s and to my surprise Sacha arrived with his girlfriend. Nice to see old salsa friends.

I made lots of photo’s, to be found HERE

Or on the SuzyQ site


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