SuzyQ is the dance school, where I learn’t to dance salsa. They regulary hold parties, so i do my best to attend all of them. SuzyQ parties have a great atmosphere, You can find people with a variety of dance backgrounds at SuzyQ parties.

Recently SuzyQ have been giving dance classes at dance school ‘Bonel‘ in Purmerend. Jan & Mini Zwaneveld, owners and teachers at Bonel, have been giving more than thirty years long, ballroom classes in Purmerend.

At the new Bonel locaton ‘Party centrum Concordia‘ held SuzyQ a Tropical party. We brought a friend of ours this time, and arrived about 22:30. The location had a nice bar and a good floor, even though it was laminate it was good to dance on with normal shoes. Because we where on the top floor of the building the ceiling was pretty low, which means it gets warm pretty quickly. With tables and chairs around the floor and nice lighting and along with a nice atmosphere, we had a great time.

DJ Charly played the music and as usual, he had a brilliant selection of salsa, bachata and zouk. We danced for hours.

I noticed Some new faces and people i recognised from other dance schools. Because SuzyQ (For 14 years Quanipa) have regularly been holding parties, have a loyal following. For years the same faces, aswell as my own, have came to SuzyQ parties. Keep the site SuzyQ in your agenda. Entrance was €6,00 and the bar was pretty cheap.
(Next party December 2010)

I took the photos that evening you can see them HERE


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