SuzyQ valentines day party – location, dance school Bonel in Purmerend – 14 February 2010

Dance school Bonel in Purmerend has a professional ballroom dance floor with a separate bar and cloakroom.
The DJ was DJ Charly who plays a lot for SuzyQ and the theme was valentine RED.

In the past most of the people who came to SuzyQ parties where SuzyQ students, but we notice over the last year more dancers from other salsa schools on the dance floor.

It was a great evening with a good mix of salsa, bachata, zouk and merengue, seeing that recently SuzyQ has started bachata classes the DJ played quite a lot of slower bachata which got everyone up on the floor, it was nice to see the new students having fun dancing bachata.
Zouk is danced quite a lot in the Amsterdam area and i see most of the people where dancing good zouk.
The party ended at 02:30.
photos can be found on the SuzyQ site

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