VELSALSA LATIN IN DE IJMOND – Zaterdag 11 september 2010

Since the first moment i seen the poster for this party i decided i would be there.

Between 19:00 and 21:00 they had 8 workshops. Two workshops in Salsa, Bachata, Zouk and Reggaeton. The workshops where divided up into beginners and advanced, so something for everyone.

We arrived just after the workshops ended, in time to dance. Straight away the first number was zouk, followed by bachata, so we where danced both songs and went off to get a drink. Taking a breather while standing out on the balcony we could see the ships going by in and out of the harbor.

DJ Willy and DJ Sigi both played music and the Amsterdam salsa band Sabroso played some great music.
Later on we had four dance demonstrations, Brian en Mechteld Dutch salsa champions done a great display.
Freestle Bachata by Club Fiera, a very good Salsa demonstration by Salsamotion a fantastic reggeaton demo by Angela Danse and finally a Zouk demo by Sizzling Salsa. We heard that siseling salsa had a double booking and could not do a demo. The organizers got a couple of zouk dancers who where at the party to fill in and give a demo, which i have to say they done very well.

Last month we where also at a party where sisseling salsa had a double booking? The floor had been recently waxed which made it feel like dancing on treacle.

We recognized a lot of faces and got compliments on our dancing from a lot of the locals, who where having a drink in the theatre bar.

Also we had Suriname food by Oma’s Kitchen, and a dance shoe stall from Peroti Zapatos, Latin DVD store Most Wanted had a DVD’s stand. Just as we where leaving we caught a gimps of Miek Miek coming in. Miek Miek plays saxophone and does a one lady Latin party.

It was a great night, we danced for hours and had a lot of fun. The location was very warm, the floor could have been better and the Bacardi cola cost me €5.50. Entree was 12,50 at the door.

I filmed all the demo’s which can be seen on my site
Video’s >>> www.dancebachata/clips
Or watch Brian & Mechteld here, then dubble click the video and watch the rest on YouTube.


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